Out of Province Emergency Medical Coverage and Travel Assistance

Effective July 1, 2022 the out-of-province emergency medical insurance will be underwritten by Manulife.

With the change in insurer, policy language has been updated including changes to definitions and exclusions; however, coverage remains substantially the same with some improvements over what was provided under the prior insurer.

Please refer to Manulife’s out-of-province emergency medical benefit booklet for details of the coverage provided, and contact the Plan Administrator for a copy of the Schedule of Benefits specific to your Plan. Your Schedule of Benefits outlines key provisions including: overall dollar maximum, maximum number of days covered per trip, and pre-existing medical condition stability period.


Manulife partners with Global Excel to provide you with emergency assistance in the event you or your eligible dependents experience a medical emergency while travelling outside of your province of residence. Global Excel is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following numbers:

  • From Canada and the United States: TOLL FREE 1-833-685-2790
  • From anywhere else in the world: call COLLECT + 519-735-9448

Your Schedule of Benefits (available from the Plan Administrator) includes an Assistance Card which shows Global Excel’s emergency phone numbers along with your Policyholder Name and Policy Number.  Bring this Assistance Card with you when travelling out-of-province, and in the event of a medical emergency, call Global Excel immediately before seeking treatment.

If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please contact the Plan Administrator.

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